Funny Trump Christmas And Your Photo Holiday Card

Ok we got it all figured out – you are a Trump Supporter BUT not everyone in the family and friends list is.. SO we created a dual purpose Christmas card just for you.. One side is a funny Trump Christmas card – Santa Trump behind a brick wall being built (decorated in Holiday Spirit of course)- Text is customizable- the other is a lovely YOUR photo card. So your Trump supporting friends can enjoy both sides.  The liberals in the family can just turn the card around so they only see your lovely photo.. (BUT HAHA.. they dare Not actually throw it away because after all it Does have your lovely photo on one side.. sneaky huh? We’ll get this country leaning all the way right yet.. one Christmas card at a time.. LOL Santa Trump IS making a List.. and he WILL be checking it twice..Gonna see Who’s Deported by ICE – You can count on that.. Funny Trump Christmas & Your Photo Holiday Card – A Bipartisan Christmas Card – (sorta) Merry Christmas ! (you’re welcome) 😉 brought you by a devoted Trump Supporter!

Funny Trump Wall  BiPartisan Christmas Your Photo Holiday Card

Funny Trump Wall BiPartisan Christmas Your Photo Holiday Card

by 2020TrumpMAGA

This side is for your left wing family and friends.. SEE? BiPartisan 😉

Matching Christmas Gift Wrap too