Funny Trump Christmas And Your Photo Holiday Card

Ok we got it all figured out – you are a Trump Supporter BUT not everyone in the family and friends list is.. SO we created a dual purpose Christmas card just for you.. One side is a funny Trump Christmas card – Santa Trump behind a brick wall being built (decorated in Holiday Spirit of course)- Text is customizable- the other is a lovely YOUR photo card. So your Trump supporting friends can enjoy both sides.  The liberals in the family can just turn the card around so they only see your lovely photo.. (BUT HAHA.. they dare Not actually throw it away because after all it Does have your lovely photo on one side.. sneaky huh? We’ll get this country leaning all the way right yet.. one Christmas card at a time.. LOL Santa Trump IS making a List.. and he WILL be checking it twice..Gonna see Who’s Deported by ICE – You can count on that.. Funny Trump Christmas & Your Photo Holiday Card – A Bipartisan Christmas Card – (sorta) Merry Christmas ! (you’re welcome) 😉 brought you by a devoted Trump Supporter!

Funny Trump Wall  BiPartisan Christmas Your Photo Holiday Card

Funny Trump Wall BiPartisan Christmas Your Photo Holiday Card

by 2020TrumpMAGA

This side is for your left wing family and friends.. SEE? BiPartisan 😉

Matching Christmas Gift Wrap too


Seems simple enough.. but tell the left that.. READ THE TRANSCRIPT.. he did NOTHING wrong.. yet the left still tries to impeach him.. because they KNOW.. they will NOT WIN in 2020 – Re-elect President TRUMP

TRUMP or Socialism – It’s THAT Simple

VOTE 2020 TRUMP Rally T-Shirt
In the upcoming election, for 2020, we have 2 distinct choices for President of the United States – all the dems are leaning toward forms of socialism, so it is clear, you either vote for a FREE country (ie President Trump) or you give your country over to socialism, and vote for which ever democrat is the front runner for the left. It really IS just that simple. Love him or hate him personality wise, hate his looks or his tweets, no matter – he HAS given this country better jobs, stronger military, lower taxes and better economics than this country has ever seen.

Pink Women for Trump 2020 T-Shirt

Handwritten Pink Women for Trump 2020 T-Shirt
In pink, handwritten font, women for then in big black bold lettering TRUMP and again in handwritten pink font, 2020 – just let them know President Trump is The President for All women.

Funny – Pizza, Wings or President Trump We’re Home! Welcome Doormat

If you’re Pizza, Wings or President Trump – We’re Home! Welcome Doormat
Custom Greeting – Change Welcome greeting your own or keep ours- Loop brown carpet texture – Funny President Trump Welcome Mat – We’re Home

TRUMP 2020 The Best is Yet to Come Rally Shirt

TRUMP 2020 The Best is Yet to Come – simple and to the point.. VOTE 2020 to Re-elect President Donald J Trump!

President Trump Golfer’s Gifts

Gift for the avid golfer in the family who is also a huge President Trump fan – golf balls, golf divot tool, golf shirt, golf head covers, golf hat clip, golf ball marker, All with our Commemorative President Donald Trump Inauguration January 20 2017 With President Trump and the White House and Eagle in front of the American Flag design – Especially nice if you are playing golf at one of the Trump Golf courses 😉 Created by a President Trump supporter For President Trump Supporters! 4 more years!

Elegant President Trump Christmas Card

Merry Christmas President TRUMP & First Lady Holiday Card

Merry Christmas ! In Celebration of our United States President Donald J Trump – we love this Merry Christmas card set in true Trump Holiday elegance. President Donald TRUMP and First Lady, Melania Trump – Very Elegant Merry Christmas Card – Make Christmas Great Again! Re-elect President Trump 2020

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